Dec. 27th, 2010 01:48 pm
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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas weekend. I had a lovely time at my parents, despite having a horrible cold and my bunnies taking over my room. Shawn and Gus were so wonderful and well behaved though, I am so proud of them. It has been a stressful time for them going up and down on the train and sleeping in a strange room, but they have been good as gold.

I got some lovely presents, lots of good dvds and books, and some money to buy myself some much needed new clothes. It was wonderful to see my parents and my sister. Christmas is my favourite time of year because no one ever argues. We spent Christmas afternoon watching Toy Story 3 and then I watched Doctor Who, so I spent a good four hours crying.

Today I finished showing my mum Sherlock (she loves it, as she should) and then I managed to catch a train home. Just got back to York before it started snowing. I've settled the rabbits, tidied the house, unpacked, started my washing, been to the shops for food and now I don't have to move again until Wednesday. \o/

Tomorrow I will finish my advent calendar. Uh, yeah.

As a teeny tiny extra note, I watched the Psych finale on Thursday before I left. I liked it. Parts of it I really loved. And while adding up the episodes I liked and didn't like, it worked out at 11/16 that I really enjoyed, so maybe this season wasn't as bad as I was thinking. The bad stuff was bad but what show doesn't go through that. Let's hope season 6 stays on the same track season 5 ended on.
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I am at my parents and like an idiot I forgot my dongle, so no internet except what I can get on my phone.

The rabbits were very good on the train and getting here wasn't half as bad as I feared. They have taken over my bedroom completely.

I'm looking forward to Christmas tomorrow. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas holiday.
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I've had quite a busy weekend with my work Christmas Party and my friends coming to stay, so I'm just getting to do my advent calendar now.

Day 3 - My new wellies )

Day 4 - My babies )

Day 5 - The cutest video you will see today )
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In honour of Psych not totally sucking this week (I'd have liked more Lassie, but when wouldn't I?) ...

Day Two )
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Happy first day of December!

Okay there's only an hour left of it, but [livejournal.com profile] hils had a nice idea about making a personal advent calendar. I don't have a one for myself this year, so I'll post something pretty and happy every day. A photo or fic or a video or .. something.

Day one - My Christmas Tree )

Today it snowed so badly all morning that we were sent home at 1pm. Hurray for half days. \o/ It's a shame I have to go out again tomorrow.
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Right now outside, the temperature is somewhere around -5. As it is 11.15 on a sunny Sunday morning, my decision to stay inside all weekend was a good one. Everything is covered in snow and looks beautiful, so I'm glad I can sit on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket and play The Sims 3 until I have to go to work. I'm keeping the rabbits inside too, since their water bottle froze solid last night and they might be able to bear the cold better than humans, but the high today is supposed to be 0, so I'm keeping them warm.

Yesterday I put up the Christmas tree and decorations, so the living room looks very pretty and festive. I'm getting quite excited for Christmas now. Anyone who asked for a card, I'll be sending them next week! :D

Now I think it's time for a cup of tea and more Sims.
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As it's nearly 2010, I thought it was about time I posted what I've been doing with myself this week.

Christmas Day: includes comments about Doctor Who, Gavin & Stacey & Catherine Tate, but no actual spoilers )

Read more... )

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] fluttering_by and [livejournal.com profile] kyasuriin for the lovely cards that were waiting for me when I got home. ♥

I have no plans for New Year right now. I'm spending it completely alone for the first time in a while. I'm not sure if I should stay in or go out by myself. Either way might be fun.

I'll be posting my end of year round-up tomorrow.

Christmas photos )
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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're all having as wonderful a day as I've had.
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For the first time ever (that I can remember) it is snowing on Christmas Eve. It's making me feel all happy and excited.

Last night, my mum and I went to see St.Trinian's 2 at the new cinema at the Metrocentre. It was a silly and fun two hours. I enjoyed it. Colin Firth, David Tennant and Rupert Everett. What's not to like?

Now, I have fic to finish.
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I got back to my parents last night after a lovely weekend with [livejournal.com profile] feelallhigh. We watched Christmas films and stayed out of the snow. Unfortunately the snow and what it did to the roads meant I couldn't get to see [livejournal.com profile] otw1980 before Christmas, but hopefully we'll meet up soon.

Now I am safe and warm with my family and trying to get all my writing finished for Christmas. Sadly the internet connection is a bit iffy, but with any luck I'll be able to get everything posted in the next few days.

I hope you're all having a good Christmas week.
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I really want to do that 30 days meme, but I couldn't do it consecutively at the moment. Maybe I'll start on January 1st.

It's the Christmas party tomorrow. There's a 70s & 80s theme. My costume will be more "80s inspired" than actually 80s, but hey, I should look pretty.

Two weeks tomorrow is Christmas Day. I have started a Jon/Spencer AU Christmas fic that I really want to finish. Guess what I'll be doing all weekend? :D
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My Christmas shopping is finished and my cards are (mostly) posted. If you requested a fic to go along with your card, it'll probably be posted here before the new year.

Over the past three weeks I've really been trying hard at my diet and I've lost 9lbs. I'd really like to have lost a stone by Christmas and I'm on track for that. \o/ I bought some new jumpers for work today and managed to get a smaller size, which made me happy.

Work on the other hand is not so good. Ranting )

Back to the good things. Community is awesome. How have I missed it for so long? Spoilers of the vaguest kind. )
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I managed to do all (well 90%) of my Christmas shopping in an hour this morning. After lunch [livejournal.com profile] hils and I cleaned out the flat, threw out a lot of junk, tidied everything away and then put up our Christmas decorations. (Early? Maybe but we're not actually going to be here for most of December, so this was the best time.) It has been a lovely weekend!

Christmas cards go out in a couple of weeks, so if you want one and you haven't said, go here.

Now to write a fic...

How are you friends?
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 I've back with my family since Saturday lunchtime and it's been nice having a few quiet and relaxing days. I met up with [livejournal.com profile] otw1980 on Sunday and we had lunch and exchanged gifts. I've been at my sister's house since then and we're heading back to my parents this afternoon. Mainly we've been sitting in traffic or watching House.

So now, because I won't be online again until Saturday, I'll say, 

Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone has a happy and enjoyable few days. ♥


Dec. 6th, 2008 11:35 pm
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So I've had a pretty fantastic day.

I woke up early, went to the post office and sent all (bar four) of my Christmas cards and the last of my presents. It cost less than every other year in the last 4 years and yet I sent more than I ever have before. Not that I'm complaining. I went to the bank and got out my money and made sure everything was paid/accounted for.

I was out of the house for 45 minutes.

I finished reading a lovely Spencer/Jon fic.

I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. POA is still my favourite Harry Potter film and book. There is nothing about it I don't love. I could put it on again right now and watch it all and enjoy it all and never be bored. It's just a good film.

I finally managed to make a balloon brontosaurus but his back legs exploded after a minute and he was an amputee for a while before I managed to turn him into a mouse with a large tail.

[livejournal.com profile] hils and I then watched Merlin and Strictly Come Dancing, (not in that order but it's SCD I want to talk about.) I have spent the last hour or so on You Tube watching clips of season 2 because I don't care how good any of the celebs are this year, I don't care how attractive you find Mark Ramprakash and I don't care how good Alesha Dixon was (and she really was,) no one will ever hold a candle to Jill Halfpenny. Cut for major hearteyes )

My bedroom is tidy, the living room is tidy, my laundry is half done, I have wine and tomorrow is Sunday, meaning I have nothing to do but watch two more Harry Potter films.

Life is good today.
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We put the Christmas decorations up yesterday.

Photos of the tree )

Today my mum and sister came to visit. Went went for lunch and did some shopping. I bought a balloon animal kit. I'm going to make a balloon animal zoo. I have started with a dog. Once they're all done I have to name them.

Photos of my balloon dog )
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Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has had or is having a fantastic day.

*hugs you all*


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