Feb. 10th, 2012

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This week it has mostly been snowing. I've walked in the snow, I've fallen down in the snow, I've watched amy bunnies play in the snow. Mostly, I'm over the snow and it needs to go away and be spring already.

I am loving my new laptop and its ability to hold a charge, so I don't constantly have to have it plugged in. I'm going to spend the weekend investigating what it can do and making sure I have all my applications so I can write and make icons (Community and Suits on both counts, for anyone who cares about that kind of thing.

My mum is coming to visit on Sunday, weather permitting to make up for not getting here last week. I was going to go and see The Muppets, but the weather is off-putting so I'm going next week with some friends after work instead.

The landlady also agreed that Shawn could move in, so that'll be happening on March 17th. Big new phase, but I think it'll work out and it'll certainly help with my plans for the future. Yes, I have plans. Who'd have thought it. First on the list is - pay off debt, so the extra money every month will help with that.

So with the weekend stretching out in front of me and Valentine's Day on the horizon, would anyone like a fic? Give me a prompt and a pairing and I'll see what I can do.


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