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If you have commented to anything over the last week I will be replying I promise. *g*

I'm now at my parents house for a couple of days catching up with them and my sister. So far that has involved watching lots of Doctor Who and if I ever say John Simm is over-acting in The Last of the Time Lords again please slap me. I still don't like it but honestly, over-acting is Who canon. ;) I love Turlough so much. I want Five/Turlough fic rather desperately.

This morning I went to see Harry Potter. Anyone who had issues with it may want to look away now .

After POA this is without doubt the best film. It was so well done. All the cuts felt natural and there was enough to keep me interested without running over-long *cough*GobletOfFire*cough*.

I kept wanting to take out my laptop and write a review while I was watching. I may do another one tomorrow after I've seen it again and can remember everything, but here's a list of things that made this perfect:

1. The beginning with the heat and the playground and Dudley and the Dementors.

2. SIRIUS WAS PRACTICALLY DRAPED OVER REMUS!! Their love is so true and acknowledged by the film-makers. And Remus crying while holding Harry back from the curtain... ♥

3. Sirius is HOT finally! In the velvet with the winking and all the hugging.

4. Harry & Draco are angsty and needy. They are totally doing it in closets and empty classrooms and hating and loving each other at the same time.

5. Mcgonagall and Snape's shared look at Umbridge's behaviour at the feast.

6. The little twist of Ginny's face when Hermione said Cho liked Harry.

7. Harry reading Snape's mind to find out about his father was very well done.

8. Ron calling someone a 'tosspot'. *g* And defending Hermione. And teasing Harry about snogging. And Ron basically. I liked him more here than in any previous film.

9. The whole sequence at the Department of Mysteries.

There should be a 10 here with Sirius' death but right at the moment he was hit with the curse, a girl's phone started ringing behind me. I mean WTF?! Seriously people. When you go to the cinema turn off your fucking phone.

More tomorrow. *g*
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