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Eleven years ago, while I was gleefully watching The West Wing, there appeared on screen an FBI agent named Mike Casper, who in a brief five minute period, managed to become my favourite recurring character.

He looks so cute and innocent. You'd never know he could take out armed robbers with a bag of flour. Wait, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Agent Mike Casper was good at his job. Better than good. So good in fact, that President Bartlet offered him one of his daughters. I loved him enough to make my personal canon at the time have him marrying Ellie. It would have been cute dammit.

Imagine my excitement then, while watching Iron Man in 2008, when Clark Gregg once again turned up playing a super-awesome G-Man. Iron Man was frickin' epic. Phil Coulson was the cherry on top.


And then he just kept popping up and making me clap like an idiot and make high-pitched squeaking noises in the cinema and say PHIL in an overly giddy way every time he appears, even when I'm watching a dvd for the 100th time. What with the threatening Tony and finding the shield and looking so damn good in sunglasses.


And then Thor happened.


And there was Phil. And Clint. And rain. And half smiles. And snark. And the best lines of the film. I will love Thor forever for giving me that.


But actually, I'm missing something aren't I? Because between Iron Man 2 and Thor, something amazing happened. Something no-one was expecting, but something no-one was surprised by. Because everyone knew by this point that Phil was a bamf.

So my West Wing canon changed to accommodate Phil Coulson being Phil Coulson! I really want a fic where Mike Casper is Phil's FBI alias and when Zoey Bartlett is kidnapped, he takes Clint and Natasha and the three of them rescue her, because they are the greatest. (Personal canon beats actual canon hands down)

So yes, I am probably a little bit in love with Clark Gregg right now and I am certainly in love with Phil Coulson. I can't wait for Thursday and The Avengers!
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