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I was doing so well at the start of the year and I've failed to keep up with updating like I wanted to these past couple of months. That's going to change now, since I have a busy few weeks planned and there will be lots of updates.

So Psych has reached the end of its 6th season. Overall it was a vast improvement on Season 5. There isn't an episode I wouldn't watch again. It didn't exactly end the way I hoped it would. I really want Juliet to find out about Shawn, because I don't like that she's dating someone who is lying to her every single day. They need to address it and deal with what happens next. That said, what actually happened wasn't at all what I was expecting. I really hope the aftermath is something that they go into properly next year.

Community continues to be the best thing on TV. Troy and Abed's break-up and reunion were heartbreaking and adorable in turns. Jeff and Annie are adorable and the evolution of their relationship and how close they're growing is making me so happy. As is Troy's love for Britta. The last episode was amazing.

I have been catching up with Gossip Girl. I stopped watching Gossip Girl just a few episodes into season 3, but my Tumblr has been full of Dan/Blair recently, so I decided to buy myself seasons 3 and 4 and catch-up with what I missed. In general I hate it and everyone in it - especially Serena, omg - but now half-way through season 4 I have finally hopped on board the Dan/Blair train. They're incredibly cute together.

The Avengers is only a week away. This time next week I'll be in the cinema watching it. Time is moving too slowly. I would appreciate it if people would stop putting spoilers in their fic tags though. Surely that's bad form. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish my own fic before it gets jossed next week.

Who wants to talk to me about how awesome Phil is? If you haven't seen the full version of this, you're missing out on bamfy awesomeness in the extreme

Life stuff in a separate update.
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Apparently I'm only updating once a month now? It's odd because I have lots to say. Sadly not much of it is good stuff this week. Something has gone wrong every day now. Work's pretty crappy at the moment, my rabbits are fighting again, I'm sick and of course, NBC is treating Community like crap so it's in danger of being cancelled. This is sad for so many reasons. Not just that it's a great show, probably the best thing on TV right now in fact, but because it's another sign that smart TV is constantly passed over for mindless drivel and if something is easy and dull and doesn't do anything interesting or different, it can stay there for a hundred years so long as it raises a ton of money. So whether or not you like Community, if you like television written by intelligent people, instead of the other 99% of predictable crap and reality dreck that gets produced, please support.

In happier news, Psych this year continues to be amazing. The writing is at a level it hasn't been at in a couple of years. Season 4 had it's moments but the overall standard wasn't great. Season 5 had about 2 episodes I actually enjoyed, so that fact that we're up to episode 6 now and I think the standard is still excellent, says a lot. I've enjoyed what they're doing with the relationships this year. Lassie and Jules have had plenty of screen time and some good stories. The guest stars are guests rather than the main focus. I still think the Chief needs to be involved more, but who's to say that's not going to happen. I'm optimistic about the show again.

On a related topic, I'm almost half way through my [ profile] psychbigbang fic, I really need to get on and get it done though. I only have a couple of weeks left now.
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Two episodes in and this season of Pysch is amazing. It's already matched the number of episodes I enjoyed last season.

Spoilers )
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I love Valentine's Day. I know a lot of people think it's just a commercial load of nonsense, but people feel that way about Christmas too, and no one cares if you get excited for that.

So while I haven't received any cards or flowers, I have received a lot of messages of love from my nearest and dearest, which is the best part anyway.

Honestly, today sucked big time, for a lot of reasons, mostly involving work and the weather, but I'm not going to dwell on that. Instead let us dwell on this adorable picspam. I love.... )

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Dear 2010

Thank you for...

- my rabbits, Gus and Shawn, I love them more than anything
- my 30th birthday with my darling sister and darling [ profile] ditchwitchbitch at Harry Potter World in Florida
- Psych, how do I love thee? let me count the ways. Carlton Lassiter ♥ Juliet O'Hara ♥ Shawn Spencer ♥ Burton Guster ♥ Henry Spencer ♥ Chief Vick ♥ ♥♥♥
- my new house, it's so quiet and lovely and perfect
- my California Adventure: Santa Barbara, Monterey, THE COMMUNITY SET!!!
- my Floridian Adventure; driving all over the state with my sister
- Weight Watchers and losing 22lbs (8 to go!)
- Sherlock; Steven Moffat I will never stop loving you (nor you and your gorgeous voice Benedict Cumberbatch)
- Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows; everything about it.
- my new job; I'm so much happier now, I feel like I have friends and purpose.

Please make 2011 a wonderful year for everyone I love.



Dec. 27th, 2010 01:48 pm
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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas weekend. I had a lovely time at my parents, despite having a horrible cold and my bunnies taking over my room. Shawn and Gus were so wonderful and well behaved though, I am so proud of them. It has been a stressful time for them going up and down on the train and sleeping in a strange room, but they have been good as gold.

I got some lovely presents, lots of good dvds and books, and some money to buy myself some much needed new clothes. It was wonderful to see my parents and my sister. Christmas is my favourite time of year because no one ever argues. We spent Christmas afternoon watching Toy Story 3 and then I watched Doctor Who, so I spent a good four hours crying.

Today I finished showing my mum Sherlock (she loves it, as she should) and then I managed to catch a train home. Just got back to York before it started snowing. I've settled the rabbits, tidied the house, unpacked, started my washing, been to the shops for food and now I don't have to move again until Wednesday. \o/

Tomorrow I will finish my advent calendar. Uh, yeah.

As a teeny tiny extra note, I watched the Psych finale on Thursday before I left. I liked it. Parts of it I really loved. And while adding up the episodes I liked and didn't like, it worked out at 11/16 that I really enjoyed, so maybe this season wasn't as bad as I was thinking. The bad stuff was bad but what show doesn't go through that. Let's hope season 6 stays on the same track season 5 ended on.
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Today you are treated to two unfinished Psych fics.

They probably won't ever be finished at this rate, since the zombie apocalypse is taking forever, but it could happen. I do still like them.

Day 6 - Psych fic, Gen, Post-Season 4, no spoilers )

Day 7 - Psych fic, Gen (or whatever pairing makes you happy), Post Season-4, no spoilers, misunderstandings galore )
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In honour of Psych not totally sucking this week (I'd have liked more Lassie, but when wouldn't I?) ...

Day Two )
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Title: Bella Notte
Prompt: Type: Lady & the Tramp, [ profile] kissbingo
Medium: Fic, 669 words
Rating: G, gen or Lassiter/Juliet
Warnings: Schmoop
Summary: Lassiter and Juliet share a meal, undercover.

Usually Juliet loved undercover work. )
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I think the one thing we have to take away from this week's Psych, is that Meltreger should write every episode.

Best episode of the season, hands down. That was the actual Psych I know and love.

Post from mobile portal
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Last night I accidently gave Gus too much of his wormer. He is perfectly fine - he let me hold him for ten whole minutes then spat some of it out onto my shirt - but I, on the other hand, am not. I'm a lot calmer now than yesterday when I called the vet, but really, I'm new to all this.

Today I have to do a whole load of things, which is possibly why I woke up at 6.30 this morning. I just got paid and by lunchtime I will be down to £100 to last me the month. I'm not even being exceptionally frivolous.

I'm watching something called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When did TV for kids get this bad?

This week's Psych was my favourite of the year so far. Spoilers )

While we're talking about Psych, I am writing fic which is pleasing me greatly, but fandom, why is there not more Shawn/Lassiter/Juliet fic out there? You cannot tell me that this is not hot. I can't actually see Gus being involved in any kind of orgy, but I think it's safe to say the other three are pretty kinky. And think how pretty it would be.

Now my day of chores begins. At least I'll have pretty hair to do it with.
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I just spent 20 minutes typing a review of Psych out on my phone and I've lost it. Bah.

Post from mobile portal
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Title: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Prompt: Fear of heights, [ profile] hc_bingo
Medium: Fic, 600 words
Rating: G, gen
Warnings: Fear of heights
Summary: Juliet deals with the events of "Mr. Yin Presents", with some help from Lassiter. Post "Romeo and Juliet and Juliet" but no spoilers for that episode. Vague spoilers for "Mr. Yin Presents."

It wasn't the first time, which Juliet had been preparing herself for, but passed her by without her even noticing. )
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Congratulations to [ profile] ditchwitchbitch on her awesome new job. \o/

Good > Bad

Jun. 20th, 2010 11:54 pm
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My posts recently have been quite miserable so this one is going to be happy. I'm determined.

But hey, lets start with the stuff that's a little bit sucky, just for perspective:

- my back still hurts, not as much but the pain is still there. I complained to the spa and as yet I've had no response

- the English football team had another dismal performance on Friday and it irritates me that footballers are paid so much money and yet don't seem to be able to do the one thing they're paid to do. The sense of entitlement in British sport is frankly irritating; inventing something does not mean you are naturally good at it. Effort is, in fact, required.

- this week's emergency budget seems to be about to cutback on public sector pensions. Because giving a public sector worker a pension is wrong? How much is Cameron getting when he retires? Oh no, wait. He's rich anyway.

Okay, back to the good news \o/:

- I managed to finally clear out the Inbox at work. I have my review tomorrow and I think it's going to be okay.

- Doctor Who was freaking amazing again. Have I mentioned how much I love Steven Moffat? And Matt Smith? This whole season has been so good. I can't wait for next week.

- I spent yesterday afternoon/evening with some friends from work, at a barbecue. Vikki (whose house it was) introduced me to her rabbits and said I was second in line for two baby bunnies when they arrive. I'm very excited.

- [ profile] hils and I are going to see another house tomorrow and there are a couple more lined up ( I think) if this one isn't "the one". As much as we want to move, we don't actually have to leave for a while, so it would be nice to find a great place.

- 25 days to Psych!

- The Young Veins album is so good. I love it. I'm really pleased it's good. Different to other stuff that's around at the moment, which is a good thing. I like fresh.

- The cast of Community on Twitter = adorable.

- I've started my first [ profile] hc_bingo fic... Psych Zombie Apocalypse people. It's going to be awesome.

- [ profile] ditchwitchbitch bought me a pair of shorts covered in pineapples. They are the most incredible shorts in the history of the world.

- It's bedtime. :)
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It's been a mixed week really.

It was a bank holiday. last Monday, so no work. Thursday we found out about our bonus, which I get in July which help pay for some of my holiday in September. The Young Veins album is streaming here. \o/

On the other hand, there was the shootings in Cumbria, the racism in Arizona and the idiocy of BP,which all make me equal parts and sad and mortified for the sake of the world.

So to make everyone smile at the end of the week, here's a beautiful photo of two of my favourite beautiful people and a dog. ♥ I love them more every day. )

And here's a link to the Psych Season 5 promo pics. They are all so pretty. Is it July yet?
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I am exhausted this week (again). Luckily there's another bank holiday coming up so I get an extra day to do nothing and hopefully catch up on some sleep.

In TV-land there were a couple more season finales after Lost. No spoilers, just opinions )

Now I have to go to work, which would suck more if these photos hadn't been on my flist this morning. Spoilery for Season 5 of Psych (unless I've talked to you about it in an over-excited manner already). My thoughts ) ♥ Is it July 14th yet?


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