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I was doing so well at the start of the year and I've failed to keep up with updating like I wanted to these past couple of months. That's going to change now, since I have a busy few weeks planned and there will be lots of updates.

So Psych has reached the end of its 6th season. Overall it was a vast improvement on Season 5. There isn't an episode I wouldn't watch again. It didn't exactly end the way I hoped it would. I really want Juliet to find out about Shawn, because I don't like that she's dating someone who is lying to her every single day. They need to address it and deal with what happens next. That said, what actually happened wasn't at all what I was expecting. I really hope the aftermath is something that they go into properly next year.

Community continues to be the best thing on TV. Troy and Abed's break-up and reunion were heartbreaking and adorable in turns. Jeff and Annie are adorable and the evolution of their relationship and how close they're growing is making me so happy. As is Troy's love for Britta. The last episode was amazing.

I have been catching up with Gossip Girl. I stopped watching Gossip Girl just a few episodes into season 3, but my Tumblr has been full of Dan/Blair recently, so I decided to buy myself seasons 3 and 4 and catch-up with what I missed. In general I hate it and everyone in it - especially Serena, omg - but now half-way through season 4 I have finally hopped on board the Dan/Blair train. They're incredibly cute together.

The Avengers is only a week away. This time next week I'll be in the cinema watching it. Time is moving too slowly. I would appreciate it if people would stop putting spoilers in their fic tags though. Surely that's bad form. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish my own fic before it gets jossed next week.

Who wants to talk to me about how awesome Phil is? If you haven't seen the full version of this, you're missing out on bamfy awesomeness in the extreme

Life stuff in a separate update.
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Apparently I'm only updating once a month now? It's odd because I have lots to say. Sadly not much of it is good stuff this week. Something has gone wrong every day now. Work's pretty crappy at the moment, my rabbits are fighting again, I'm sick and of course, NBC is treating Community like crap so it's in danger of being cancelled. This is sad for so many reasons. Not just that it's a great show, probably the best thing on TV right now in fact, but because it's another sign that smart TV is constantly passed over for mindless drivel and if something is easy and dull and doesn't do anything interesting or different, it can stay there for a hundred years so long as it raises a ton of money. So whether or not you like Community, if you like television written by intelligent people, instead of the other 99% of predictable crap and reality dreck that gets produced, please support.

In happier news, Psych this year continues to be amazing. The writing is at a level it hasn't been at in a couple of years. Season 4 had it's moments but the overall standard wasn't great. Season 5 had about 2 episodes I actually enjoyed, so that fact that we're up to episode 6 now and I think the standard is still excellent, says a lot. I've enjoyed what they're doing with the relationships this year. Lassie and Jules have had plenty of screen time and some good stories. The guest stars are guests rather than the main focus. I still think the Chief needs to be involved more, but who's to say that's not going to happen. I'm optimistic about the show again.

On a related topic, I'm almost half way through my [ profile] psychbigbang fic, I really need to get on and get it done though. I only have a couple of weeks left now.
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Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday last week. I did have a lovely day and then a nice week off. Since I haven't done a proper update in the longest time, this might get huge.

On the 21st I had great day out by myself. I had my eyes tested for the first time in a while and bought some brand new glasses (two pairs in fact) which I haven't had in five years. Then I went to the hairdresser and I talked to him about the Harry Potter films and Star Wars, because I have the coolest hairdresser in the world. Then I went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which is just one of the best and most beautiful films I'm ever seen. Gary Oldman was incredible, as was Benedict Cumberbatch. In fact the entire cast was perfect and for a film where not a lot happens, I could honestly watch it over and over. On my way out I was walking behind a group of boys, just about 18 years old, and I really thought it wouldn't be their kind of film, but one of them said it was the best film he'd seen, which I thought was quite impressive.

I was back at work this week, with our new manager who I think is going to be a nightmare, but I only have to get through to April when my real boss comes back from maternity leave. I can't wait. At least the new tv season has started to give me some fun things to focus on.

Spoilers for Community, Ringer, The Playboy Club, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and of course, Doctor Who )
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I love Valentine's Day. I know a lot of people think it's just a commercial load of nonsense, but people feel that way about Christmas too, and no one cares if you get excited for that.

So while I haven't received any cards or flowers, I have received a lot of messages of love from my nearest and dearest, which is the best part anyway.

Honestly, today sucked big time, for a lot of reasons, mostly involving work and the weather, but I'm not going to dwell on that. Instead let us dwell on this adorable picspam. I love.... )


Catch up

May. 4th, 2010 09:33 pm
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What have I been doing lately?

Well Friday I had a fabulous day off work and Monday was a bank holiday; I haven't had a weekend to myself in months so it was nice to have a four day weekend to just relax and enjoy myself. I did a lot of catching up with TV and I went to the cinema. (Reviews below).

Unfortunately though, last night at 4am the fire alarm went off. There was no fire, but it took 7 hours for the engineer to come and fix it. We were told by the management company we couldn't turn off the sounder without being fined, so we had to stay awake with the noise blaring until 11am. Needless to say, I couldn't go to work. I'm exhausted and my head is still aching. I'm going to bed as soon as I can.

Iron Man 2 )

Community )

Lost )

Glee )

Chuck )

The Big Bang Theory )

Doctor Who )
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I am waiting at the airport to drop my bag off. I'm checked in so I just have to put this somewhere are clear security. It has been a hell of a morning though.

I have watched Community and I have Lost to watch once I'm at the gate.

Otherwise, I have weird fandom issues with myself and I need to talk to someone about them without sounding like an idiot. My life=so hard.
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Happy Sunday flist. How are you all?

This week has been full of bandom drama and Pete Wentz being, well, Pete Wentz. I love him and I love FOB and I'm not worried, mostly because I'd actually rather they called it quits than did something they didn't want do. I really do think they'll be just fine though.

It actually made me think about bandom and how there's not actually much going on at the moment and how I'm spending all my free time reading Psych and Sherlock Holmes fic, and how I'm drifting that way, fandom-wise.

TV-wise this week has been awesome. I have officially semi given-up on How I Met Your Mother. Its place in my heart has been taken up by Community and this week's episode of that made my heart fill with glee. Of course Lost also started its last season and wow, I was so impressed with it. I'll be sad to see it go. I have theory, but it's almost bound to be wrong so I'm not going to bother writing it down.

Five weeks today I will be in San Francisco. We've now bought everything we need to before we go. I bought tickets for LOVE in Las Vegas and [ profile] ditchwitchbitch bought our Disneyland tickets. I'm going to have a pineapple smoothie in Santa Barbara like the true fangirly geek I am.

Also, I upgraded my phone when I renewed my contract and I'm getting a Blackberry Curve. It should be arriving tomorrow. I'm so excited!
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My Christmas shopping is finished and my cards are (mostly) posted. If you requested a fic to go along with your card, it'll probably be posted here before the new year.

Over the past three weeks I've really been trying hard at my diet and I've lost 9lbs. I'd really like to have lost a stone by Christmas and I'm on track for that. \o/ I bought some new jumpers for work today and managed to get a smaller size, which made me happy.

Work on the other hand is not so good. Ranting )

Back to the good things. Community is awesome. How have I missed it for so long? Spoilers of the vaguest kind. )


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