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Today is my mum's birthday, so I just wanted to take the time to say I have the best mum in the world. She is amazing. ♥

I had a good weekend with my family. Sadly my dad was sick with cold, but I got to spend some time with my parents and today with my sister, which is always nice.

Back to work tomorrow and I should be starting some overtime this week. I could really do with the money, what with my holiday being only two weeks away now. \o/ I'm so excited.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ditchwitchbitch!

So I suck more than anyone in the world. Today is my darling [ profile] ditchwitchbitch's birthday and I haven't said anything about it yet.

Kerry, you are an amazing person and a wonderful friend. I hope you have the best day meeting Fall Out Boy and seeing them again. I hope Joe gives you a big hug because I can't be there to give you one myself.

I love you! )
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Happy 30th Birthday to [ profile] hils!

Dearest [ profile] hils, I hope you're having a wonderful holiday. If you get the chance today, go to [ profile] hils_30th_bday and enjoy the online party. There's tons of presents waiting for you. ♥

Now I'm off to London with my mum and sister, to see Wicked. \o/
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Today is Jon Walker's birthday and to celebrate... picspam )

ETA: Jooooooooon. How are you so cute? Watching Beauty & the Beast on your birthday. ♥
iamjonwalker Crazy old Maurice, aye? Crazy old Maurice...
3 minutes ago from Twitterrific
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Celebratory picspam later. Right now: Jon Walker, thank you for arranging your date on Twitter. It is much appreciated.

iamjonwalker @thespencersmith so well start at Tao, then head to ghostbar (my buddy is djing), followed by a quick bite at rain before the party at lax
about 1 hour ago from Twitterrific
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Today is Ryan Ross' birthday and as Ryan is my second favourite bandom boy in the whole world, that means picspam! \o/

Happy Bday RyRo )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] frikatilhi
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Photos of my favourite bandom boy for his birthday.

I get to meet him in 11 days! )
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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I've had a lovely time with my family and have some chocolate (and a new table) to enjoy tomorrow.

My sister and I went to see '17 Again' today and it was brilliant. Very funny and cute. The best film I've seen so far this year. Zac Efron really shouldn't be allowed to be that pretty. I think I'll end up going to see it again and then may be able to post a more coherent review.

Also, Happy Birthday Brendon!

Brendon Urie is 22 years old and that deserves a picture. Okay 8 pictures )
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Happy Birthday Michael!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday sweetheart. ♥ Enjoy your week.
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Happy Birthday Michael!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday sweetheart. ♥ Enjoy your week.


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