May. 27th, 2009 10:33 pm
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My Fall Out Boy Meet & Greet photo is here.

You can kind of see me. Hidden at the back, wrapped around Patrick. ♥_♥

[ profile] ditchwitchbitch assures me that Pete was standing on his tip-toes. *g* Oh Pete!

I realise I haven't posted my photos yet but I have 990 more to sort through before I can even think about that.
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Thursday we had a lazy morning and drove to Hot Doug's for the best hot dogs in Chicago. There was long line but they were worth it. I managed to buy some new clothes at Target too which made me very happy. That afternoon we went to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the Padres. It was a surprisingly fun experience for my first ever sporting event. I had a giant pretzel and got annoyed at the people sitting in front of us and wondered out-loud quite often why no one was actually hitting the ball. It was great. Afterwards we went back to the pier for a sunset cruise around the bay. Kerry and I raised a sail all by ourselves, which was an experience. The city is so pretty at night, all lit up. The lights and the water are beautiful. We had dinner at 44th Ward Dinner Party again and Cory remembered us (I got a photo with him, but it's sadly lost forever now). Then we headed out to Angels & Kings to see what it was like when it wasn't so crowded. I really like it there, even if the drinks are a bit strong.

Friday - Fall Out Boy in Indianapolis )

I'll post about my trip home when I post my pictures which will hopefully be tomorrow. There are far too many photos.
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On Tuesday we woke up to a bright and sunny day in Milwaukee. We drove to the Pabst Mansion and waited for a tour. It was a gorgeous building but it's a shame we couldn't look around it by ourselves. Only the two of us were there and if we weren't standing next to the guide at all times she assumed we were bored.

We went into the city for lunch and found the espionage restaurant. Without a doubt, it's the most fun place I've ever eaten. We spent forever in there. You have find the secret passage to get in, and then you're seated in this private little booths with doors. The food was very good. All the cocktails are named after people from Bond movies and their martinis are mixed by shooting the cocktail shaker through a shoot that goes through every room in the building. You can get up and wander around to look at the displays. They have autographs hanging of famous people who've visited the restaurant (James Masters, Britney Spears, Mark Hamil, etc) and a giant mechanical puzzle that Kerry and I still can't figure out. They have secret passages out of the building and when we were ready to leave we used the one in the phone booth. I'm glad we went to Milwaukee just for that.

We got our photo taken with the Bronze Fonz statue (what visit to Milwaukee would be complete otherwise) and then drove back to Chicago to do some shopping. Sadly most of the stuff we looked at was out of our price range. After dinner we went to the top of the Hancock Observatory and we could see the whole of the city. It was incredible.

Yesterday it rained most of the day, so we went driving around the suburbs (yes, yes, Glenview, Wilmette, we weren't stalking, just curious) and we went to Legoland and had our photos taken with lego Darth Vader and lego Harry Potter. We went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then watched Lost. We were going to go out after that but then the thunderstorm started and what with the rain, wind and lightning, we didn't really want to be outside.

Today looks like it's going to be a beautiful day though.
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Sunday we woke up far too early, but managed to drag ourselves out of bed to have a gorgeous lunch at Gino's, an amazing pizza place where you can write on the walls and with the nicest pizza in the world (probably).

That afternoon we went to Navy Pier and took a lot of photos of the boats and the skyline as we walked up. We came back down through the fun shops and gardens, went on the carousel, ferris wheel and played miniature golf. I also got a very pretty tattoo of a swan on my wrist. Sadly it's just paint so it won't be there in a week, but I love it. If I didn't think it would hurt like hell I'd get it done properly.

After dinner we went to the cinema. Star Trek Spoilers )

On Monday we walked down to the The Bean and visited the art museum. It was a lovely relaxing morning and we saw a lot of fantastic paintings. The Bean was incredible and we got some good photos there. After lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (sat next to the elephants) we drove up to the TV studio where Fall Out Boy were going to perform. We sat outside with a great group of people and a fab security guard who thought Patrick looked like a Randy and couldn't be convinced that wasn't his name.

We got inside the studio at 6.30pm and because we'd being waiting so long, the floor manager let us stand up front. We were in the second row, right between Patrick and Pete. It was the closest I've ever been to them and truly one of the best things I've ever done. Patrick and Pete both smiled at me (shut up, they totally did) and Pete looked a lot happier than he did on Saturday (possibly because Ashlee was there with him). It was so cool to have them talking between the songs and while they changed the tapes. The whole experience was such fun, even though it does mean I will be on TV in July.

The taping finished at 9.30 and we drove up to Milwaukee.... More on that later.

Bonus: A photo from Angels & Kings on Friday night. Gabe showing off for Kerry
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Well I'm having the best time in Chicago. I love this city. It's gorgeous and we're such a lot of fun. A lot of that admittedly comes from Fall Out Boy so far.

In which I ramble for a while about meeting Patrick Stump )

Watch out for my next post, which will consist of adventures on Navy Pier, amazing pizza and Star Trek.
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Today has been the longest day. I got up at 4am and my train to the airport left at 5.30am. I got through security no problem and waited to board my plane which left at 10.35. I was so tired and willing to sleep on the plane because I knew I'd have to be awake the rest of the day, but I couldn't get comfortable and there were annoying loud people around me so I could only doze.

Coming into the airport though, flying down over the lake was incredible. I wish I could have got some photos of it. Immigration was, for once, not a problem, but that could have been because when he asked what I was doing here I said "I meet Fall Out Boy tomorrow!" I think he thought I was crazy.

[ profile] ditchwitchbitch was there to pick me up and I felt strangely awake as we set off towards the city, but it was two hours of traffic and the gps sending us the wrong way before we actually got to the hotel and by that time I was in desperate need of a shower and some painkillers.

We went to the Clan store (not what I was expecting - it's so small!) and a few other shops before having dinner at 44th Ward Dinner Party which served lovely food, had a great atmosphere, and we were served by a really sweet guy named Cor(e)y.

We caught the El back to they city and now I am finally going to sleep.



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