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I seem to be missing quite a few photos now, but like I said, I've already done this in depth and I'm kind of scared this is all going to disappear again.

California Adventure and Comic Con Part 1 - image heavy )
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I leave for London in a couple of houes and I catch my flight out to the US tomorrow morning.

In 48 hours I will be in sunny Santa Barbara and I'll finally be able to see Harry Potter. \o/ Next week I'll be enjoying the delights of Comic Con! I'm so excited. Most especially because I get to see [ profile] ditchwitchbitch.

I'm not taking my computer, so I'll probably just update when I get back. No doubt there'll be plenty of updates on my twitter (jacqueline_c) and facebook if you're interested.

Have a fun week everyone.
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Dear 2010

Thank you for...

- my rabbits, Gus and Shawn, I love them more than anything
- my 30th birthday with my darling sister and darling [ profile] ditchwitchbitch at Harry Potter World in Florida
- Psych, how do I love thee? let me count the ways. Carlton Lassiter ♥ Juliet O'Hara ♥ Shawn Spencer ♥ Burton Guster ♥ Henry Spencer ♥ Chief Vick ♥ ♥♥♥
- my new house, it's so quiet and lovely and perfect
- my California Adventure: Santa Barbara, Monterey, THE COMMUNITY SET!!!
- my Floridian Adventure; driving all over the state with my sister
- Weight Watchers and losing 22lbs (8 to go!)
- Sherlock; Steven Moffat I will never stop loving you (nor you and your gorgeous voice Benedict Cumberbatch)
- Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows; everything about it.
- my new job; I'm so much happier now, I feel like I have friends and purpose.

Please make 2011 a wonderful year for everyone I love.

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I am finally home from my California adventure. I had an amazing time and have hundreds of photos to upload and post, along with a full holiday report, over the next few days.

I am utterly exhausted and dreading getting up for work in the morning. It took me longer than it should have to get home thanks to the train breaking down twice. At least I have the luxury of a four day week - for the next three weeks. \o/

What's worse (look at my priorities) is that after spending the last few days watching Sherlock Holmes dvd trailers, I've found that we're not getting it until May. WTF? Why not tomorrow? Damn whoever made that decision. I guess it means my Psych recaps will continue sooner rather than later. Yay, silver lining.
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Right now I'm sitting in the living room of my hotel suite which has a bathroom as big as my living room back home. Just wanted to get that over and done with.

I've had an action packed few days at Disneyland and in LA. Disney is always lots of fun and we managed to avoid queuing for long periods of time (except on Space Mountain) and did all the best things twice. The Tower of Terror in California Adventure was so good it made me scream. No ride or rollercoaster has ever done that before, not in 29 years. It was fantastic.

Also, during a break from Disney on Thursday, I got to see the movie "Luck of the Irish". If you know what it is, you'll know why I mention it. If you don't know what it is... you're lucky.

On Friday we got a tour of Paramount studios and I got to go and poke around the Community set. I'm never going to be able to watch it again without squealing with glee. Speaking of Glee we saw "Mike", "Brittany" and "Santana" as we walked past their stage. That was a great day. *g*

Now we're off to explore Vegas before we go to see LOVE this evening.
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Greetings from Santa Barbara. I'm having a blast on this trip so far and it's only day three (four if you count the day I spent entirely on a plane).

On Sunday we got to see quite a bit of San Francisco, had breakfast in the Castro and lunch at Fisherman's Wharf, overlooking the sea-lions, before driving down to Monterey and meeting [ profile] sleepherealone for dinner.

Monterey is so beautiful and got to see more of the amazing coastline on whale watching tour. I got to see Killers Whales and Grey Whales! It was such an incredible experience. I can't even explain how exciting it was. We went to the aquarium and then out to one of the beaches. I would seriously consider moving there... if I ever wanted to live in the US.

Today we drove down the coast to Santa Barbara. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The views are breathtaking. California is so beautiful. The mountains and the trees and the coast. I'm so glad we came. Since arriving in SB I have let me geek side take over and we have had pineapple smoothies, taken photos of the police station, been to the top of the courthouse clock-tower and had dinner on the pier. My pina colada came in a whole pineapple that I have kept for posterity - or at least until it goes bad and I have to throw it away. We finished the day with a walk along the beach at sunset. I love this town.

More detailed info and photos when I get home. I'll update again the next time I have free internet. Tomorrow is a Disneyland day, so it's bedtime for me. Hope you're keeping well flist.


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