Nov. 10th, 2012

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Its been a long time since I posted again. It's sad really, because I miss LJ so much. Tumblr generally makes me mad and it's hard to have conversations or make friends. I miss the days of joining a community and making friends and being able to avoid wank so much easier.

So an actual update is necessary I think before everyone disappears entirely.

I started a new job two weeks ago and there are good and bad parts to it. The good part mainly being that I get to finish at 3.30 every day now which means I'm home at 4pm. Perfect for cold and dark winter evenings. The bad isn't really that bad. I have nothing to do, which I'm assured won't last for long. They're very laid back back about showing me how to do anything. And I don't have anyone to talk to because my team is a small group of older men who spend most of their time out on the track. On the plus side though I get to take as many training courses as I want to push me up the engineering ladder, which is exciting.

Today I'm starting this "healthy living detox" that my sister had been doing for the last two years. It lasts for three weeks, which takes me up to the 1st of December and I can enjoy the holiday season after this period of no carbs, sugar, caffeine or alcohol. I've actually been looking forward to it all week. Maybe I'll update more with my progress.

I still have to post something about my holiday in Europe with [ profile] ditchwitchbitch which was fantastic. I also want to get back to writing which I've failed to do as much of this year as I wanted to. I'd quite like a challenge of some sort.


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