Jan. 13th, 2012

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Apparently I'm in quite a ranty mood today. I wrote an epic livejournal post at lunchtime about TV and women and most of you would probably hate it. I doubt I'm going to post it because as tired as I am of all the bullshit, I'm more tired of complaining about things all the time. So maybe I'll just write them occasionally and keep them on my computer to look back on when I'm feeling particularly pissed off.

What I was meant to be writing at the time was a review of the second Sherlock episode, which I adored. Since I've lost my train of thought regarding it now, maybe I'll watch it again, then try to write something coherent.

ETA: Or I'll just rewrite it until I'm happy and post it anyway.
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I’ve seen the odd comment here and there, following A Scandal in Belgravia, about Steven Moffat and his treatment of woman and how you're a bad person and a worse woman if you like it. Those comments have made me back quickly away before I exploded with rage, but they got me thinking and today, finally, it spilled out into this.

No spoilers. My own opinions. You may disagree. That's sort of the point. )


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